The group also took a tour of Pompeii, which is about 150 miles southeast of Rome. So, maybe Nathan and Esther will use their YouTube channel for the same reasons. It continued, "When we premiered 'Bringing Up Bates,' the series was focused on parents with 19 kids who were teenagers and young children. They will be getting married later today. I think its too early for a engagement. . Scroll down to check Contents 1 Early life 2 Career 2.1 Education 3 Gallery Early life Kenna Or either Josie/Kelton or Carlin/Evan (or both!) On August 20, 2022, Katie revealed that she has some blood clotting disorders. Their statement was optimistic and ended with reassuring fans they would keep them up to date on their lives. I really hope that Michaela is finally expecting a baby. After just 24 hours, the video has received over 32,000 views from fans. Finally they get some chickens to put in the big coop! The house is buzzing as the family gathers for dinner, including married couples Zach & Whitney -- who are expecting baby Bradley in one month and Erin & Chad. Your email address will not be published. Gil and Kelly got married in 1987. The family decorates the house in order to make the Paine's feel special. Children Carlin and Josie are engaged, Michael and Whitney are pregnant. Jerry loved riding his motorcycle and fishing. But it could also be that Whitney is having another baby (would explain why they did the vow renewal 6 months before the actual 5 year anniversary, if she's due around that time). They were filming her gender reveal party over the weekend. My guess is Tori and Bobby's gender reveal.Or maybe it's twins! Welcome to our blog for the Bates family! Ellies reference to Bates sized news makes me think it could be something bigger than just a gender reveal or engagement. Can't wait to hear what it is. Carlin is engaged or Josie is engaged. Katie completed a one-year Bible program at Crown College of the Bible. I can't stand the phrase baby bump. Siblings I'm pretty sure the only one that lasted more than a year was Michaela and Brandon, and in their case there was no "dating in everything but name" pre-courtship period like the younger Bates have had.And while Josie and Kelton have only been officially courting for 6 months they have known each other for 3 years, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear them announce an engagement either. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. Katie Clark When will the news be during the episode? On February 17, 2023, Katie and Travis shared a post stating that it was baby time. UPtv released a statement about the show's future that read, "We will not be premiering 'Bringing Up Bates' season 11 on UPtv as planned as we will be focusing our programming in 2022 on movies and a new scripted series to be announced soon." We have posted the video clip below. Spring Break is just around the corner. Yesterday we shared our updated February birthday cover and today we are back to share our March birthday cover. Whitney is expecting4. Along with the short video, Nathan wrote, Be sure to click onto the link in my bio to subscribe to our YouTube channel.. Infertility is SO hard and I know from personal experience that the mixture of emotions being grateful to be an aunt and loving your nieces and nephews while longing for your own children is so conflicting! His groomsmen were his brother-in-law Cameron, his cousin Jeffrey Walsemann, his cousin-in-law Jeffrey Weaver, Katie's brother-in-law Evan, and his friends Aaron Scully and Gavin Ziegler. The couple shared their first kiss at the altar. Welcome to our blog for the Bates family! The wedding was officiated by Katie's father Gil Bates, Travis's grandfather Charles Clark, Jr., and Travis's uncle Charles Clark III. Love this family! are engaged. Jerry attended Polk Central High School and served in the U.S. Marine Alyssa, Tori, Whitney, Erin are all pregnant, due on the same day, all with triplets. So far, the couple has shared one video on their YouTube channel. WebCarlin and Evan Stewart grapple with the fears theyve experienced as they try to get to the root cause of Laylas serious medical condition. Welcome to our blog for the Bates family! In came the Bates family, friends of the Duggar bunch. Gil and Kelly got married in 1987. Family and friends have been I have that same feeling. Katie Grace Clark (ne Bates) (born October 5, 2000) is the eleventh child and seventh daughter of Gil Bates and Kelly Bates. The couple shared the exciting news on Saturday. Otherwise she would be 8 months pregnant for their 5 year anniversary. A few weeks ago, on August 8th, the Bates family (all 21 of them!) Their courtship proposal is featured on the Bringing Up Bates episode "I Love You to Piz-zas!". MILL SPRING Phillip Jerry Bates, 69, of Mill Spring, passed away Wednesday morning, March 1, 2023 at Hospice of the Carolina Foothills following a brief illness. I would love it to be that Michael is pregnant. It could be anything, cause with the bates family you never know! In the description for the video, the couple writes, She said yes!!! They have six grandchildren in heaven. Yesterday we shared our updated February birthday cover and today we are back to share our March birthday cover. The video features a series of clips from the couples recent proposal. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. The family will receive friends Saturday, March 4, 2023 from 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. in the McFarland Funeral Chapel. Nevertheless, they ended up enjoying it--but not withoutplentyof screaming (the instructor of 25 years says it's the loudest raft he's ever heard)! An online guest register is available at Tori is pregnant. The family decides to get chickens, since they would be able to provide the crew with fresh eggs. We will be sharing their wedding photo as soon as it Before we share Trace and Lydia's big news, we wanted to give you all a chance to watch it on their youtube channel. Maybe both Carlin and Josie are engaged, maybe Tori is having twins, maybe Lawson scored a recording contract it would be wonderful if Michael is pregnant or adopting a child. With such a successful product on their hands, TLC wanted to add a similar show to their arsenal. On Instagram Saturday, Nathan shared a Reel, which is a short video. However, the TLC version of the show didn't last, only airing five episodes. They have nineteen children with four in heaven. So those are out. She enjoys pranking her family, reading history books, and deer hunting. So here are my guesses in order of probability:1. In 2015, UpTV began airing a similar show, Bringing Up Bates. This site/blog is dedicated to providing factual information & regular updates on the Gil and Kelly Bates family and their show. Do happy for the little boy. Welcome to The Bates Family Blog! The chicks are growing and doing well, and the Bates are definitely enjoying the eggs--the adult chickens yield 2-3 eggs a day! Even with so many people in the family, the Bates always make a point to make birthdays special. Before things went downhill for the Duggar family, their TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" was a great success. They sometimes post videos of their children, Q&A sessions, and more. A native of Polk County, Jerry was the son of the late Lloyd Francis Bates and Exie Lee Thompson. Their engagement is featured on the Bringing Up Bates episode "Due Dates & An Engagement Getaway!". Carlin wasn't expecting much of a celebration with everyone being so busy, but they surprise her with cake, balloons, and roses! They have six grandchildren in heaven. appeared on Good Morning America. Berlin, New Jersey The day the chicken coop is being built happens to be Carlin's 14th birthday! With their parents present, Travis also sang the song "Will You Marry Me" that he wrote for Katie and played guitar. And now, the heavy news: 'Bringing Up Bates' has Gender reveals are not considered an announcement. I just have a feeling that she's going to get married before Carlin. Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a29fecb79ef3ae31cce271d5b2a4c519" );document.getElementById("eedd789636").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2023 by TV Shows Ace. Will you be vacationing this year? They use their channels to share a little bit of everything with their fans. They both have large families and their children are similar in ages and grew up together. In a family with 19 children, big announcements are not all that uncommon, but they are always exciting. I dont think its a pregnancy announcement (but it could be baby Smiths gender). All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. "As the next year begins, our family will be experiencing a lot of new changes. Thank you to Gil and Kelly Jo Bates for welcoming viewers into your family's home over the past ten seasons.". Katie Grace Bates was born at 5:55 p.m. on October 5, 2000, in Tennessee, to Gil Bates and Kelly Bates. By wearing leggings under their skirts, the Bates are able to stay modest while water rafting. If they want to get to know someone, they do it in a family setting, as opposed to traditional one-on-one dating. Those chickens liked the front porch better than the backyard, which Kelly & the girls didn't appreciate! The Bates had chickens once before, but instead of having a coop, the chickens were free-rangewhich didn't work out so well. Unless otherwise stated, photos courtesy of: UPtv;;;;; @zachnwhitbates; @websterforever; @johnw1121; @bobby_torilayne_smith; @josie_balka; @keltonbalka; @carlinbates98; @evanpstewart16; @jacksonebates; @wardenjbates; @tracewbates; @kgbates2000;, Copyright 2012-2016 Bates Family Blog. Im hoping one of the boys is courting, or that Michael is expecting - that would be wonderful news!! Gil's friend sets him up with several adult chickens and about 20 chicks! I think a new pet or new business opportunity. Otherwise, the rest is fair game! They have been uploaded to a website called. I'm guessing either Michael is pregnant or Josie or Carlin is engaged. They have nineteen children with four in heaven. They've known each other longer than Carlin & Evan too so it's not surprising that they might move faster. The romantic gesture was captured by a videographer, and the couple has shared several sneak peeks since they announced their engagement. After their nice & peaceful train ride, the Bates and Paines all don life jackets and helmets (which the girls aren't too thrilled about!) The proposal took place in an ocean pier gazebo, which was decorated with candles, a large heart constructed of red roses, and a sign that read, "Will you marry me?". i hope its something like hour long shows & more specials! Tori is already pregnant so that's out. I tend to go for Carlin and Evan are engaged but I do hope its Michaela & Brandon are expecting. we will find out soon . Social media Tags: Bates, Bringing Up Bates, Esther Keyes, Nathan Bates, Your email address will not be published. On September 10, 2022, they revealed that they are expecting a girl. They go around in a circle, everyone praising Carlin about something-- her parents praise her for being so generous & always giving of herself, while Zach praises her diligence! I bet its the gender of Tori and Bobbys baby! On December 3, 2021, Katie married Travis James Clark at Castleton Farms in Loudon, Tennessee. Yesterday, Trace and Lydia announced that they will be sharing big news on Saturday (March 4th) at 3pm. They have six grandchildren in heaven. However, due to Katie's blood clotting disorder, they said that the baby could arrive around mid-February 2023. I was there too. Katie's brother Lawson wrote the song "I Love You Truly" for the wedding. Since our last update, he celebrated his first Christmas, New Years, and Valentine' John and Alyssa are due to welcome their fifth child next month. On the Next Bringing Up Bates - A Big Announcement! One of the biggest changes for us is that the network will be moving toward producing more scripted family shows and will not be renewing a contract to film new 'Bringing Up Bates' episodes. You can find here the latest and trending news. Watch for a special announcement this Thursday during @SmallTownBigMayor at 9:30 PM ET on UPtv! The obvious choices are:Toris pregnantJosies engagedCarlins engagedThe truly biggest Bates announcement would be:Michaela is pregnantLawson is courtingTori got a teaching position in a public schoolJosie got a job in a salon. Trace is the eighth out of the family's 19 kids. Meet the super-sized Bates family: Parents Gil and Kelly Jo Bates have 19 kids, 3 kids-in-law, and their first grandbaby on the way! Name This was shortly before a new season was going to premiere. WebThe Bates family and the Duggar family have spent much time together through the years. Her bridesmaids were her sisters Alyssa, Carlin, and Addallee, her sister-in-law Whitney, Travis's sister Kayla, and her friend Caitlin Kaetzer. So, whats going on with Nathan and Esther? During the weekend of February 11th, John and Alyssa a double birthday party for their daughters, Lexi and Maci. While most of the kids were excited and ready to jump intheirrafts, Kelly, Erin, and Josie were all a little scared. We will be sharing their wedding photo as soon as it Before we share Trace and Lydia's big news, we wanted to give you all a chance to watch it on their youtube channel. On September 19, 2019, Katie announced via Facebook Live that she was in the beginning stages of a relationship with Travis Clark. Required fields are marked *. A baby would have to be Zach & Whitney or Michael and Brandon. Gil Bates (father)Kelly Bates (mother) Parents Katie's matron of honor was her sister Josie. InstagramFacebookYouTube She is the sister of Zachary Bates, Michaela Keilen, Erin Paine, Lawson Bates, Nathan Bates, Alyssa Webster, Tori Smith, Trace Bates, Carlin Stewart, Josie Balka, Jackson Bates, Warden Bates, Isaiah Bates, Addallee Bates, Ellie Bates, Callie-Anna Bates, Judson Bates, and Jeb Bates. Katie Grace Bates Katie Grace Clark (ne Bates) (born October 5, 2000) is the eleventh child and seventh daughter of Gil Bates and Kelly Bates. WebToday, nine of Gil and Kelly Bates' 19 children are married, and 10 are unmarried, but tomorrow, their married kids will officially be the majority. Travis's best man was his brother Michael. After revisiting some of our favorite places together, and making some new memories along the way, we are overjoyed to announce that we are engaged! WebThe Bates Family has some BIG NEWS to share! They will tie the knot on Thursday, May 12th, in San Diego, California. Trace and Lydia tied the knot in October 2022, got settled into their new house, and now theyre ready to welcome a new addition to their family. After his time serving his country, he returned to Polk County and worked at Stonecutter and Mohawk Industries retiring when the plant closed. cant get enough of this family! Tori is having twins!! Actually if Evan and Carlin get engaged after a 10 month courtship, this would be pretty consistent with prior courtships the Bates have had. Her dress was designed by Renee Miller of Renee's Bridal. Lawson steps up and offers to take them. We will try our best to answer to each comment but due to the amount of comments that we receive, we can only do our best. Nathan Bates & Esther Keyes Have An Exciting Announcement For Fans July 18, 2021 Bringing Up Bates, News, Reality TV, UPtv Bringing Up Bates fans are Eleven of their children are married while one is in a relationship. It is a baby and not a bump. For now, fans can enjoy the proposal video and look forward to more updates from Nathan and Esther as they start their lives together. Our aim is to post all points of view, but we do not post anything that is profane, insulting, derogatory, or in poor taste. I wonder if it will be another pregnancy? Thursday, March 2, 2023 Trace What do you think it is? I think it is the gender reveal of Tori and Bobby's baby. She is going to make an awesome mother. For more news about the Bates family and their show, Bringing Up Bates, check back withTV Shows Ace. All rights reserved. Bates FamilyClark Family (in-laws) Trace & Lydia Bates tease a big surprise. It's a sad farewell when the Paines finally have to head back home, but they look forward to the next time they can be together. Josie already has a job in a salon. Residence I know! Now, news has broken that the Bates family will be leaving TV for good. She and her siblings were raised as active participants of Bill Gothard's Institute in Basic Life Principles, and regularly attended the yearly Advanced Training Institute conferences in Big Sandy, Texas. Are you excited to see what they decide to share on their YouTube channel? July 18, 2021 by Aubrey Chorpenning 0 Comments. They have twenty-three grandchildren with three on the way due in April, August, and September 2023. Back at the Bates home, the 2 large families hang out, playing basketball & cards together. Late next week, the clan is going to reveal some Bates-sized news, so stay tuned! Also surviving are many nieces and nephews. I hope for Michael that she pregnant but I'm guessing an engagement or preganacy by Zach & his wife. Their daughter Hailey James was born on February 17, 2023, at 10:29 pm. Published 5:03 pm Thursday, March 2, 2023. They would eventually get another show, "Bringing Up Bates" on the station UPtv. Their TLC show was called "United Bates of America." Travis wrote the song "I Choose You" for the wedding. Fans of "Bringing Up Bates" recently learned that the show would be canceled after 10 seasons (via US Weekly). Just my guess. The wedding had around 400 guests. For their honeymoon, Katie and Travis went to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Cant wait! Being a family of 21 people, Gil is always looking for ways to save money and be frugal. Between January 23rd and February 17th, a span of less than four weeks, the Bates family has a whopping 10 birthdays to celebrate, including two "double birthdays." The first double birthday was Trace and Jeb on February 1st, and the second is today. Jackson is turning 20, and Addallee is turning 16. Happy birthday to this brother-sister duo! Many of the children remain close friends and have taken part in each others' weddings. So childish sounding and I am in my early 20s, the age group that says bump! First, the good news: Finley Marie Paine has arrived! But it sounds like they may be adding new videos in the future. Televisions biggest family is returning for more. You can find the video at the bottom of this article. On September 22, 2022, they revealed that they are naming their daughter Hailey James. But I'm guessing that Josie is engaged. Let us know in the comments below. The kids do have interests in the opposite sex, and when those interests arise, they pray with Gil and Kelly about the person. In 2012, TLC aired one season of the show United Bates of America, which focused on Katie's family. Fans of "Bringing Up Bates" recently learned that the show would be canceled after 10 seasons (via US Weekly ). A memorial service will follow at 3:00 p.m. Saturday at the funeral chapel with Reverend Mike Gettys and Reverend Jeremy Wood officiating. Here is some of her birth information shared by Travis and Katie: Thank you so much for leaving a comment. What do you think it is? Military honors will be conducted by the Polk County Veterans Memorial Honor Guard. We can't wait to meet him. Katie worked as a photo shoot model for Bates Sisters Boutique in Rocky Top, Tennessee. Today, Judson Wyatt, Gil & Kelly's 18th child, celebrates his 2nd birthday! She is the sister of Zachary Bates, Michaela Keilen, Erin Paine, Lawson Bates, Nathan Bates, Alyssa Webster, Tori Smith, Trace Bates, Carlin Stewart, Josie Balka, Jackson Bates, Warden Bates, Isaiah Bates, Addallee Can't wait for the big news! Bringing Up Bates fans get a peek into the familys life. Despite the show being canceled, fans still get many updates via social media these days. Fans wish the show would return to UPtv, but that doesnt seem likely these days, unfortunately. Some are also hopeful that the family will be picked up by another network. As the kids grew older, the show became even more successful as fans tuned in to watch them grow and have families of their own. Since our last update, she celebrated her first Zade is one month away from turning one years old. Anonymous at 1:30pm same, poor baby keeps getting called a bump. Likely an engagement announcement from Carlin or even Josie but my heart TRULY prays and hopes that it's some baby news from Michael and Brandon. Bringing Up Bates star Carlin Bates and husband Evan Stewart are expecting their second baby together, E! This time around, the Bates are going to keep the chickens in a coop--but first, they have to build the coop! The video is about four minutes long and features all of the highlights from their special day. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. . Or perhaps it will be another courtship? As fans know, UPtv pulled the plug on the Bates familys show in January 2022. Carlin and Evan's Katie often babysat her nephews, Bradley Bates and Carson Paine, and nieces, Kaci Bates and Brooklyn Paine. She considered studying nursing after finishing this program. and get ready to go water rafting! She's fully licensed and working for months. Bringing Up Batesfans are freaking out over Nathan Bates and Esther Keyes big news. They have twenty-three grandchildren with two on the way due April and August 2023. I'm guessing Josie or Carlin's engaged. She was a bridesmaid at her sister Tori's wedding to Bobby Smith on December 16, 2017. I would guess that Whitney is expecting which would be why they renewed their vows now. Aubrey Chorpenning has been a freelance writer since December 2016 and has primarily focused on reality TV and celebrity news. The Bates Family/Instagram. Born Nathan popped the question after an elaborate three-day trip. I hope it is either a pregnancy for Michaela or Tori getting a teaching job. Michel is having twins or Josie and Carlin get a double wedding. The Paine family of 12 is coming to stay with the Bates, making the total number of people in the house 33! On August 6, 2022, Katie and Travis announced that they are expecting their first child, due March 2023. I think this announcement will be the gender of Toris baby. You must be 12 years old to water raft, so since Michaella isn't a big fan of the water, she volunteers herself to watch the 10 children who couldn't go. Since our last update, he celebrated his first Christmas, New Years, and Valentine' John and Alyssa are due to welcome their fifth child next month. I am curious as to if someone got engaged, Someone is courting, or if there is another baby on the way! So my prediction is that someones courting. The girls birthdays are on Cambree is now seven months old and that means that it's time for a new update on her. Josie and Kelton are both done with school and working. Before we start on this post, make sure that you check out Hailey's birth announcement along with her first photo. I was there! In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by a daughter, Heather Etienne; two brothers, Edward Thompson and William Bates. Katie appeared on the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting many times as a child. You will find links to their registries on Lawson's website . So, what do you think of Esther Keyes and Nathan Bates big announcement? It was the most magical weekend and we are so happy to share it with you! Tori's already pregnant, Alyssa and Erin both just had babies. I guess well just have to wait and see. 46,693 views May 4, 2018 182 Dislike Share Save UPtv 146K subscribers Watch the next "Bringing Up Photo courtesy UPtv released a statement about the show's future that read, "We will not be premiering 'Bringing Up Bates' season 11 on UPtv as planned as we will be focusing our programming in 2022 on Eleven of their children are married while one is in a relationship. We realize God's timing is always perfect, and we are looking forward to what the future holds for our own family, as well as the network." Trace is part of the Bates family, who were seen in the reality series Bringing Up Bates from 2015 to 2021. Hailey (daughter) Katie worked as a stylist at her sister Josie's company Effortless Beauty. Actually, (1) We already know Tori is pregnant, that was the last "Big Bates Announcement" and (2) Josie already has a job in a salon. Eleven of their children are married while one is in a relationship. We probably know each other :). Along with her siblings, Katie was homeschooled growing up. She has been working there for months. Tiffany & Lawson Bates Make Exciting Announcement - YouTube Hello everyone welcome to our channel Bates Family Gossip. Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates and actress Tiffany Espensen are married! The new episodes will premiere I can't wait for the announcement! I know her and her husband have been trying for couple years and still nothing and they would be so happy. She was a bridesmaid at her sister Carlin's wedding to Evan Stewart on May 25, 2019.
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